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A Cairo-based creative agency that provides budget-friendly digital solutions with a smart strategic approach to startups,  corporates, and e-commerce businesses.


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Souks Consulting 

Saudi consulting firm offering an exceptional level of consulting & human capital management services. Souks Consulting Approached our team to support them in designing and developing their website, including SEO. 

Steamology is Nigeria's first green steam cleaning business and is currently considered one of the fastest-growing brands in Nigeria. Our team was approached by Steamology to help brand their steam cleaning business starting from logo design, to other brand visual elements such as car wrap design, flyers, cards, and other printed collaterals. Our team also developed the verbal brand from scratch, consisting of a compelling brand story and other copywriting materials to be used for ads and social media. 
Peacock Designs

Peacock For Art approached us to build a consumer sub-brand under the name of Peacock Designs, green furniture pieces made from palm reeds. Our team provided full consulting to the Peacock team and followed a scientific approach to designing and building the Peacock Sustainable Designs brand. From logo design to other brand visual elements like flyers, cards, and magazine designs. Our team also developed a personality guideline for the brand that served as a base for our social media strategy and management.

MyFundAction, one of the leading global non-profits approached our team to support them in building their next BIG project. The objective was to build a youth development centre in New Zealand through a holistic digital fundraising strategy that was developed, designed, implemented by our team to ensure four times the return on Ad Spend. We developed an informative social strategy and a digitally integrated Ad Funnelling strategy, providing MyFundAction the backbone to their Youth Development Centre in Queenstown, New Zealand.
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Zeinab Khalifa

Zeinab Khalifa, one of Egypt's iconic jewelry makers with genuine designs inspired by the Egyptian culture, paved the way for a new approach to jewelry designs. The artist approached our team to help her revive her gallery in Zamalek after the Covid19 crisis. With almost ZERO budget, we were able to coordinate with our student & fresh graduates hustlers network to develop a wide range of content for her jewelry, making process, and philosophy. The gallery still stands now, stronger than ever. 

One of Egypt's very special camps and considered by many travellers a lifestyle destination. Dayra team approached us  to support them in kicking-off their online marketing and social media for their 2nd location in Ain Sokhna, Egypt, becoming the first ever beach camp in Egypt to open multiple locations, bringing nature back everywhere they go.
Dr. Attia MD

Dr. Attia, is a Prof. Dr, an orthopedic and spine surgeon, specializing in invasive & non-invasive surgical procedures with more than 15-year expertise in using advanced technology and innovative techniques to treat musculoskeletal systems. He approached our team to support him in branding his services through designing and developing a website, with full content strategy (Copywriting services) 
Bulldog Burger 

Bulldog Burger approached our team to help re-brand their current business and manage their social media marketing through content creation and digital media buying. Our scope of work included a full revamp of the visual brand identity from the menu to the packaging, along with developing a verbal brand identity from a personality guideline to a mission, vision, core values, and a brand story.  We have got to say though, it's everyone's favorite burger spot at the office!